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Mudcat is our 2014 ProAm beer. To put it simply, it’s a massively dry hopped American brown ale.

We hold a homebrew contest every year and pick a winner in a blind taste test. Corey Martin’s Mudcat was the winner this year. He came out to the brewery and we converted his 6 gallon recipe up to a 15 bbl (465 gallon) brew. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


Corey started brewing 20+ years ago, and hasn’t stopped since. He now pretty much brews weekly to which he attributes his success.

“Repetitiveness makes the brewing process second nature. Once you have the science down you get to play with the artistic side of brewing, which I truly believe is the fun part of brewing,” Martin states.

Corey has won many medals over the years at various competitions, but perhaps his greatest accomplishment was winning the Sam Adams Longshot competition in 2011 for “A Dark Night in Munich”, a Munich style Dunkel. He has been a member of the Austin Zealots homebrew club for well over a decade, and is their Primary Fermenter (president).

Martin continues, “Feedback from my brewing brethren and ideas on how to brew different beers and techniques has proven a very valuable tool in homebrewing.”


The Mudcat is a twist on what is known as a Texas Brown ale, which is basically a bigger version of an American brown ale. We started with a nice English base malt, known as Optic. Optic is a varietal of Maris Otter, that has a stronger maltiness with a rich nuttiness. This provides the malt backbone for Mudcat. We added various specialty malts to the main mash and then stained the mash at the end with some roasted malts to achieve the beautiful dark copper color. Mudcat is heavily hopped with Amarillo hops, which gives the beer a nice flowery, spicy, citrusy aroma with a distinct orange bouquet. As for the name, it’s a tribute to all the river fishermen in Texas who hope for a bountiful catch of tasty catfish and keep catching the small, but strong jawed Mudcats. If you’ve ever tried to lip one you’ll understand.